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The closest we get to any sort of juicy gossip: Whenever Zac is about to get back into town, Dylan makes sure the whole property is meticulously scrubbed down.

Upon getting home, Zac says it's usually "very clear the cleaning lady had been there just minutes before I [arrive]." And that's about that.

Zac Efron has come all the way from being a cool musical dude in High School Musical to being a handsome macho man in the movies like Baywatch and The Greatest Showman.

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Tackle multiple choice questions, true or false questions, or yes or no questions, and more to test what you know and know what you don't.But while he's not habitually chased by paparazzi, Dylan has plenty of things going on in his own right — and they extend well beyond his abdominal muscles.(Yes, he has those, too.) The accomplished triathlete, skier, burgeoning economist, and entrepreneur is certainly worth getting to know, even if it's by one drool-inducing Instagram snap at a time.Dylan listens studiously as Zac balefully philosophizes: "We both get kind of cooped up in our lives… Anyone can do this." If Dylan Efron doesn't look familiar, you probably aren't wasting enough of your life on Instagram.Zac's brother is as active on the social media channel as on the shores of Lake Mc Donald.

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