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As we’ve often extolled here on Art of Manliness, there’s simply never a bad time for a weenie roast. So camp out in front of the fireplace, and roast yourselves dinner and dessert.

Vinyl makes for a warm and truly immersive listening experience.Plenty of people have an ample tub, or even a bathroom Jacuzzi, that they never ever use; in their madcap life, they rely exclusively on the efficiency of their shower.So take a break from the routine, slow things down, and get romantic by lighting up some candles and soaking in a relaxing bubble bath with your lady love.Do things that are just for fun, or create a new piece of décor for your house.You could turn a couple books into secret safes or clocks, transform empty Altoids tins into things like first aid kits or fire ball launchers, or transfer a photograph onto a piece of wood.

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