Workstation dns not updating

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This document provides an overview of the Delegated OU Dynamic DNS for Workstations service feature and instructions for OU Admins on how to enable it for their workstations.Important notes about the edu DNS zone: Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a network service that allows a system to notify its DNS server, in real time, of changes to its DNS configuration, such as IP address, hostname, or other information.You may need to request assistance from the Microsoft Infrastructure service via [email protected]: Workstations have registered, but they aren’t resolving from off campus Solution: It will take approximately 10 minutes for changes to propagate through the DNS infrastructure, including the initial registration.If you haven’t disabled IPv6 on your workstation, then it is registering an IPv6 address. Issue: On the reboot after I configure DDNS for my Windows 7 workstation, I can’t login to my workstation!I get the error: “The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship.” Solution: You missed configuring DDNS to be connection-specific.With View 4.5 and Windows XP I had shut off dynamic DNS completely just to be safe but when I tried turning it off in View 4.6 in Windows 7 I think either the VMware Tools or VMware View Agent turned it back on (the same goes for trying to turn off IPv6).

The reason I suggesting you to not keep such a small scavenging period is all SRV records may get deleted if they do not updated within 3 HRS What is the frequency of DHCP client in out ? The devices are moving constantly as team members go from desk to conference and desk again. The changes seem to be making a difference in the DNS clean up.What settings should I look for to keep DNS as up to date as possible?For the zone in question i have refresh interval of 15 minutes, retry 10 minutes, expiration 1 day, TTL 1 hour. I had most of that in place but did find the DHCP lease time for the wireless scope was set to 7 days and Name Protection was not enabled.DDNS is documented in RFC 2136 and in this Technet article not much has changed in the implementation since Windows 2000 Server).The MI service provides the ability to securely register user workstations with a hostname in the ‘edu’ domain.

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