Wolfowitz dating muslim woman causes stir

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Interfaith couples must choose to convert to one religion or the other in order to marry in a religious ceremony.

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Boys, no boys.’ ” There is a common experience in many Arabs’ and Muslims’ coming of age, when they discover how to date under crushing social expectations.However, to be able to register their marriage officially in Lebanon the couple had to carry out a civil wedding abroad. The marriage contract is annulled as it is not permissible in either religions! "She has betrayed her religion, which is not just about wearing a hijab!Photos of Fawaz and Katoura's religious unions last week received a mixed reaction on social media Some voiced their outrage at the move, dismissing both religious ceremonies as illegitimate. He too has betrayed his religion as this marriage is illegitimate.Youssef plays the title character, Ramy, who is unclear about what type of Muslim he is or ought to be. “You’re Muslim, I thought, in the way that I am Jewish,” a woman, whom Ramy sleeps with, says in one episode. Put off less by his beliefs than by his deceit, she walks away.She discovers that Ramy doesn’t drink, though he’d told her earlier that night that he’d reached his limit. We later learn that Ramy has dated a string of non-Muslim women who have been attracted to the idea of his being culturally different but who think it’s crazy that he believes in God—“like God God, not yoga,” as he tells it.

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