Will forte dating

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The handsome hunk Will Forte is one of those celebrities, who are famous for moving on from one girlfriend to another though there aren’t many confirmed affairs. The duo even made several public appearances together, but the relationship of the actor and January didn’t last long.But, has he found a perfect partner with whom he has plans of getting married or is he still searching a soul mate? They dated for around five months and separated in September 2015.Jones has previously been linked to Jason Sudeikis, Ashton Kutcher and Josh Groban.

The very handsome and hot, Will Forte is known to have an affair with many co-actors.

Alexander best known for her role in Blindspot began appearing in the tabloids being linked with Will Forte in July 2016.

US Weekly came to the rescue and announced that they were secretly dating. An inside source to Will Forte and Jaimie Alexander reported that the couple like each other very much but were not serious about having a relationship and were “ just having fun”.

However, the relationship seemed to come to an end in September 2015.

The entire relationship of Will and January has brushed away. Will Forte then moved on to girlfriend number two, Jaimie Alexander.

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