Who is sheree whitfield dating

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The couple went through a nasty battle over child support and have both dated other people in the time they’ve been apart.

Many people are questioning the status of their relationship now because Bob has been seen multiple times alongside Sheree in the latest season of RHOA.

So this year, my mom’s daughter applied…I actually just met her for the very first time, and she’s 51 or 52. 5 One of the most surprising things about Sheree Whitfield is the fact that she had her oldest daughter, Tierra, when she was only 15!

She opened up about what it was like having a child at such a young age in an interview and said: “It was absolutely tough.

No wonder there’s some bad blood between these two!

4 In an interview with The Grio, Sheree revealed she has a half sister.

Since then the two Whitfield’s have been co-parenting their two children and it hasn’t been easy!At times it seemed like Sheree was all talk and no game, but finally in season 9 it seems like the mansion is almost ready to live in. Unfortunately, she just spent some more time in court as a result of Chateau Sheree because when she threw her over-the-top party she was busted by the cops for not obtaining the proper Certificate of Occupancy to prove the home is habitable.She also needed a permit to throw such a large gathering at her home. She ran into even more trouble with her former divorce lawyers who sued her for unpaid legal fees.Before Sheree was born, her mother had another daughter when she was only 16 or 17, but she put her up for adoption so the Housewife never met her.“My mom actually had a daughter when she was young, 16 or 17.

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