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After, a year in 2007, Ryan released his videos with Sean Fujiuoshi, Tim Enos.

Ryan Villaruel, Kyle Chun, and Tarynn Nago from subscribers daily and has over 1.7million views.

Unknown Ryan Higa has endorsed some brands and products through his social media and You Tube activity.

He also might have endorsed some products indirectly by using them in his You Tube videos.

He dated Andrea Thi on 2010 but the relation lasted only for the duration of a few months before the couple split up.

With the looks of it, it seems that this You Tuber is interested more on Asian girls despite living in America.

Christianity The immense popularity of his You Tube videos, which have more than collective 3 billion views.

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He along with his friend Sean Fujoshi made lip sync videos in 2006.

It seems highly improbable given the fact that he is probably drooled over by millions of You Tubers across the world for his looks and intellectual comedy.

However, it sure seems that he is either hiding the details regarding his affair pretty well, or is actually single.

In this feature, Ryan rescued from his carbonite prison still in the world of Star Wars, but in the What if Star Wars Took Place Today?

Ryan Higa is comedian and You Tuber from Nevada, born in 1990.

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