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A couple weeks later I saw a sign for auditions for the lead girl in “Center Stage: Turn It Up”, the sequel to the very film that changed me as a little girl. I was about to play the lead in the sequel to the movie that changed my life as a little girl, I was going to get to be “that girl” that inspired me so much.

My initial reaction was there was no way this could be happening. I ended up having to go in 6 different times for that role then finally got the call that Sony Pictures wanted to book ME to play Kate Parker in Center Stage Turn It Up and that I would be leaving to film in Vancouver in a couple days. This crazy, beautiful, overwhelming, and to me somewhat miraculous experience was what has shaped my entire brand and company.

She is additionally passionate about her charity, UNBREAKABLE, active in humanitarian aid and volunteers her time to organizations benefiting the homeless, women, and children in need.

After that moment there really was no looking back, I just knew that performing and storytelling was what I was born to do. I barely slept all through high school because I was too busy dancing and acting.

Hence, we have found a couple of false news as well regarding her dating life, and some sources even say that she has already been married, which is not true.

Currently at 18 years of age, Rachel doesn’t seem to have a husband, and she doesn’t even have a boyfriend at the moment.

Her physical appearance, her character and her physique have also played a significant role and it seems like she is a crowd favorite, as well as has got many friends and companions.

With her decent and humble behavior and an intelligent mind, she quickly mixes up with new people and makes more friends than foes.

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