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Her most famous marriage (and divorce) was to rapper Lil Wayne, who she met when she was 12. There haven’t been any public sightings of Rushing and Wright together on either of their social media pages.They are co-parents to their daughter Reginae Carter, who they had as teen parents. This means that he either isn’t the father or they’re keeping a low profile until a later date.Toya Wright, of course, remains in the city that made her famous: Atlanta According to tmz.com, Memphitz is no longer down with living the “celebrity marriage” charade — even though he was featured prominently in the BET reality show “Toya: A Family Affair” and made multiple appearances at parties and events throughout their marriage in the ATL.The couple, hitched since 2011, has not officially filed the divorce papers as of yet, but according to the popular entertainment blog, Memphitz is no longer feeling Toya and made it unequivocally clear that they are not getting back together.In a series of IG posts, he talks about the hardships of being in a “public marriage”, how he might possibly be suffering a love lost and how it’s just him against the world. Despite the chaos, Toya says things, “got better.” She said, “Now we’re grown, we’re friends, I’m married, he’s in a relationship or whatever.” When it comes their daughter, Toya says, “We do a great job co-parenting.” The craziest situation Toya caught herself in with Wayne and a female was when “a girl spray painted my car pink.” She adds, “I use to have to deal with so much.” Results were that Toya “had to get out of the city.” Fans would “scratch my car, put stuff in the mailbox, it was just weird.” Wright says Wanye proposed twice, and she finally said yes.“When you’re that young and someone decides to propose to you, you all excited, but not really thinking about marriage and what it is all about,” she explains.

Toya and Memphitz celebrated three years of marriage in June 2014.

She starred in her own reality show after breaking up the with star and the two of them have a daughter together, Reginae Carter.

She has had a rough life, her being on drugs and having multiple children and living in the projects, by her marrying Wayne, she was able to get out of that life and she married him when she was 14 years old.

I spoke my peace, he spoke his and the closure happened. I thanked him for being the first person to sign me to a label, and he even apologized for the numerous negative social media post. I truly wish him the best, because hating him was only killing me. Stay out of people’s personal affairs, you only make them worse.

He has a gift when it comes to discovering talent, like me and Tpain. The only people who can solve the problem are the parties involved.

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