Who is kristen from laguna beach dating

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5 After being the clique queen of Laguna Beach, Kyndra Mayo decided she preferred to be behind the lens, and is currently a photographer.She still lives in Laguna Beach and is allegedly dating Nicholas Lopez.Recently, she graduated from the International Culinary Center in New York City. series, which is based on her experiences in reality TV. In February of this year, Conrad married William Tell, the former guitarist of Something Corporate, who is now pursuing a degree in law.Former Laguna cast mate Lo Bosworth was one of her bridesmaids.Week after week we all dutifully tuned in to watch the cast of rich, beautiful Orange County classmates break up, make up, and live the lives we all wish we could. These days, Talan seems to have left his many, many old girlfriends behind, gotten a dog, and is listed as the Creative Director at TMG Digital.Honestly, how many real life high school romances could compare to the love triangle dramz that went down weekly between the cast members? Did any of your friends' lame Saturday night basement parties compare to the beach bonfires that the Laguna Beach crew were always attending? It also goes without saying that of all the guys in your high school, few were as hot as the guys on the show. Stephen freakin' Colletti was far and away the ultimate catch, at least as far as L. and Kristen (and THE WORLD) were concerned, but the rest of the guys were pretty cute, too. No longer the playboy of canceled reality shows past, eh?

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, Dieter Schmitz became the Lakehouse Hotel and Resort’s hotel manager. True Hollywood Story and married Ashley Slack, which was also featured on a TV special.

There you can see him juicing: Talan may not be on our TV screens anymore, but it seems he turned out just fine, and if there's a Laguna Beach reunion anytime soon, you can count us in.

aired and fans want to know, what happened to this wild group of over-privileged Orange County party-goers? He went on to be a designer for Vera Wang and still hangs out with fellow fashionista Lauren Conrad.

She is best recognized for appearing in the main cast on MTV reality TV series “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” which chronicled the lifestyle of her and her peers.

Besides, she has also starred in the films such as “Fingerprints”, “Green Flash”, “Spring Breakdown”, “Wild Cherry”, and “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: Freshman Year”.

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