Who is cassidy man dating

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I think he had to stop for his mental well-being.” Cassidy’s father passed when he was at a relatively young age, which led him to crave starting a family of his own.

A year after he buried his dad, Cassidy went on to marry actress Kay Lenz, his first wife.

Tanz, who worked as a horse breeder, elaborated on what it was exactly that made her fall for David despite not being a big fan of the rich and famous scene.mom, who was played by Shirley Jones, was his real-life stepmother, as Jones married Cassidy’s father in 1956.Cassidy had no idea that his Oscar-winner and stepmother was hired to act as his co-star on Despite having a rough start to their relationship, Katie was not about to give up on having a father figure in her life.“A lot of people in rock have died or been impaired by illegal substances or whatever,” she explained, “(but) he is sane, normal and clean-living.” A year after this statement was said, the two said: “I do.” David became a father for the very first time when baby Katie was born out of wedlock. I was her biological father, but I didn’t raise her.Katie’s mother and David’s fling, Sherry Williams Benedon, was the only one who looked after Katie and David had nothing to do with her upbringing. She has a completely different life.” Later in life, Katie made it as an actress in her own right, and the two started connecting.

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