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Deseret News: What have you liked about Utah when you've come through in the past? DN: Why are you excited to visit for the Fan X Convention? At the end of the day, yeah, it's pretty cool to have had that.

AJJ: I really enjoy meeting people that have that have sort of followed my career for the last 20 years. Through the festival process, I think I’ve fallen in love with all of the flaws. DN: He was just on the anniversary episode of the "Power Rangers." Have you ever considered coming back, beyond your cameo in last year's "Power Rangers" movie? AJJ: When I did the cameo, I talked with one of the producers to see if I could come back and direct (the anniversary) episode. So I think it would be fun to come back and direct.

While filming the pilot and first season of , Johnson's mother had Christine died from cancer.

Like, if that show stopped tomorrow I'm going to have to go down the street and become a waitress again." And Johnson was right to be worried about her future. John, who played the first Red Ranger, ended up living in his Jeep after he left the show, according to movies were non-union, low-budget affairs where Johnson almost died. While filming the first movie in Australia, the actress and another Power Ranger caught on fire after being dangled over a fire pit during a make-shift stunt. It was this non-union movie and it just felt really dangerous at times, to tell you the truth! " Johnson told where the budget was even lower, and the shady stunt conditions were even more dangerous. And Saban is never going to have a problem about paying us. Johnson says she made the decision to step away after realizing she had never properly grieved her mother's death.

After the – which believe it or not is the 20th incarnation of the show.

He had a cameo in the movie, and was actually thrown out of the premiere after trying to video the audience's response to his appearance.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. I had fun skiing there and that’s all I can say because it’s been so long. DN: Are you comfortable with being a cult fan figure? AJJ: I think it's really cool to be set apart with the "Power Rangers" and (to have been a part of) the beginning of it and the original cast. And I love the effect that it had on kids who are now adults, and the stories I’ve heard are wonderful and it has, you know, been a positive influence in many people's lives.Johnson is one of the many childhood heroes that will appear at the Fan X Salt Lake Comic Convention Sept. In addition to "Power Rangers," Johnson has also released a few country music albums.She’s starred in an episodic thriller television show called "Flashpoint." She even worked with Jennifer Garner — with whom she shares a striking resemblance — on "Felicity." Most recently, she's directed and written her first feature film, called "The Space Between," all while beginning to build a family.Luckily, he eventually came to terms with himself and became a campaigner for NOH8, which promotes and advocates for LGBTQ equality.As Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott, Austin St John was the original leader of the Power Rangers despite being the youngest member of the cast when the show debuted.

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