Who is abby lee miller dating

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But it is indeed a sad and scary time and Abby feels alone.

Abby revealed in May 2018 that she has fought with cancer and has recovered from it and she is completely grateful for it.

Abby Lee Miller the Dance Moms star was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma not long back and has been started on chemotherapy for it.

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After four seasons of starring on the Lifetime reality series "Dance Moms" and decades of heading the Abby Lee Dance Company as a single lady, the reality star is now rumored to be engaged.

All said and done, Abby is not in a good health state now.

Abby was in prison for fraud and was supposed to start on the new season of her TV show after her release.

The insider has revealed that she is now in the process of deciding as to who gets what in her will.

She would also like to reward some friends that she newly made in prison.

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