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The company previously required 60 percent of employees to be full-time and has now cut that down to 40 percent full-time, 40 percent part-time and 20 percent temporary workers who are not entitled to any benefits.“Do you know how hard it is to go to someone that makes .85 an hour and tell him, sorry but I have to cut you down to 25.5 hours.

The company has also initiated new programs, such as pay caps for certain positions.“I have many associates who have not received a raise in nearly nine years,” he claims.Many of these changes came directly from the home office.Customers at Mc Donald’s tend to be younger than the ones at Walmart and – therefore – will be more open to new technology and better able to adapt to it.If Mc Donald’s can actually succeed where Walmart failed and made good use of technology, it only makes the fight for a minimum wage even more irrelevant.

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