Volvo v40 tehniskie dating

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That flexibility is working wonders for Volvo’s minor transformation of late, though.

This S60 is the Swedes’ seventh all-new car since 2014, though the cynical among you might suggest such turnover is easy when all your cars look the same.

Wooden models appeared in the 1950's made by BRIO, in fact the first one appeared in the BRIO catalogue as early as 1948 (No S 335) in red, yellow and black - finely detailed - completely wooden bodywork, headlights etc - chrome hub caps on wooden wheels.

A cast iron model - precise detail - scale 2 sections - cast in Germany - bodywork dark green, an occasional example of this model appears at a toy auction and will fetch a four figure sum (German marks) In the mid 1930's a smaller model appeared - scale - PV36 -CARIOCA - Swedish manufacturer - tin plate, enjoyed a revival in the 1980's when a junk dealer rediscovered the original moulds in the old factory, some new models were then cast, an unusual occurrence, but very lucky for Volvo collectors.

BRIO was the big name in Sweden after the war, Volvo entrusted them with the first commercial model of the PV444, which appeared first in 1944 but actually went into production in 1947.

Is there a specialist name for a collector of Volvo miniatures? but there is no truly correct name for a Volvo collector.

Famous collectors Francis Juriens (Swiss) who has the biggest collection of approximately 4,500 models, Carlo Schmidt and Ernst Kastefijn from Holland, Satoshi Nakano from Japan and last but not least Notker Hilbrenner and The German Volvo Club.

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