Validating xml file in Sex skype chatai

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Cheers - Alex Hello, Just add all the XML files to the same project, for example by right clicking on a folder node of the Project view tree and selecting Add files, select all of them in the project tree with Ctrl left click, right click again and run the action Transform with ....

This will allow you to select a transformation scenario which will be applied to each selected file without opening it in an editor panel.

The utility accepts user input for both dtd_name and dtd_location.

This mode allows the DTD updates for previous releases; however, by default, the current release DTD is updated.

Also you can apply to each selected file the scenario associated with it using the action Apply transformation scenario instead of Transform with ....

The actions are explained in the User Manual (the list of 3 actions) before the beginning of the section Built-in transformation scenarios. Actually I'm satisfied with selecting the files in the project view and then choosing "Validate selection" - somehow I overlooked the "project"-feature, so thanks for pointing me to it. Is there a way of validating multiple file by just using XML and XSLT???

If the files are independent documents validate them independently, for example with the action Validate selection.

If you access the files from an XSLT stylesheet with the document() function or as the XML input source of the transformation you must use an XSLT 2.0 schema aware processor to validate them when they are loaded by the stylesheet.

However my XSD contains an include (or import) tag and the XML Task will not validate it and throws an error about certain parts that are not declared. VSTARTScript Object Model Base Public Sub Main() ' create object for the XSD file that will be used ' for validating the XML file. Read() End While ' The XML file was succesfully read. Success Catch ex As Exception ' Validation failed, fire error event with errormessage Dts. Fire Error(-1, "Validate XML", "Validation error: " ex. XMLSpy provides an orderly way to view and enter XML data.Data can be displayed in standard text form, grid entry, or browser mode.

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