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The Detection of Indicators and Vulnerabilities for Emergency Room Trips Scale for was designed to classify the risk of emergency department use in frail community-dwelling older adults.It was developed from a multi-year, census-level cohort study of home care patients and was informed by a multi-national clinical panel.The ADL Hierarchy Scale groups activities of daily living according to the stage of the disablement process in which they occur.Early loss ADLs (for example, dressing) are assigned lower scores than late loss ADLs (for example, eating).The Aggressive Behaviour Scale (ABS) is a measure of aggressive behaviour based on the occurrence of verbal abuse, physical abuse, socially disruptive behaviour and resistance of care.Scale scores range from 0-12 with higher scores indicative of greater frequency and diversity of aggressive behaviour.Scores range from 0-4, with a score of 2 or higher considered to indicate a potential problem with substance addiction.The CAGE items in the inter RAI mental health instruments have been validated against substance use disorder diagnoses.

If longitudinal data is collected, changes in clinical status over time can also be evaluated and compared.The Cognitive Performance Scale (CPS) combines information on memory impairment, level of consciousness, and executive function, with scores ranging from 0 (intact) to 6 (very severe impairment).The CPS has been shown to be highly correlated with the MMSE in a number of validation studies.It can serve as an outcome where the objective is to minimize problems related to declines in function, or as a pointer to identify persons whose conditions are unstable.CHESS, originally developed for use with nursing home residents, has been adapted for use with other instruments in the inter RAI suite.

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