Validating others

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But it's not just habit or complacency or convention or anything like that. The need to record my life is as fundamental as my need to breathe. I have nothing to anchor me down, to prove I exist.” ― “This is catharsis. "FAIL Blog," part of The Daily What media empire, solicits fail videos from users and features both extreme sports stunts gone awry along with more random humiliations—like the guy who tried to shoplift an electric guitar by shoving it down his pants.

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If you don’t, you can still take a few minutes every day to give yourself some credit.We liked the composer’s famous Romances much less, finding them insipid and sometimes trivial.These Romances, however, were just what Diaghilev liked. Not interrogating the hungry pain body, but just confirming. He practised neither painting not sculpture, nor was he a professional writer; for his few critical essays, remarkable as they were as proofs of his taste and judgement, did not amount to much – and anyway Serge hated the business of writing. If you do not believe the body to be yours, but you believe that the mind is yours, then manodhyas (the belief that 'I am the mind') still remains.” ― “One could certainly call Diaghilev a creative genius, although it is not easy to analyse the nature of his creative gift.

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