Validating html page

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Validators detect problems in your web page and style sheet.It could be a tag that was opened and never closed.In HTML syntax, you can leave out the closing slash, but to be consistent, we will use the slash as if it were XHTML syntax.Most often, the purpose of data validation is to ensure correct user input.Set up your screen so it matches the following screenshot. Browsers do their best to display improperly nested HTML; the validator will reject any HTML document that has a nesting error.

You become a detective, hunting and solving the little problems occurring in your web page.Up until now, you have been experimenting with HTML by putting tags into your documents, saving them, and viewing them in a browser.Once the page looks OK, you move on to the next page.The resources and articles on validation below will help you learn more about validating your web page.Validating your Word Press site means more than just checking the front page for errors.

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