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Coolsat products are also bundled with 5 years warranty with new models being released as technology improves.

Fortec Receiver – Fortec Lifetime Ultra is a decent product for most television viewers.

Viewsat – Viewsat provides a wide range of products that cater to satellite television consumers.

Some of the popular Viewsat products include Viewsat 2000, Viewsat Files, Viewsat Receiver, Viewsat Ultra, and Viewsat Xtreme.

Free to air receivers (FTAs) are designed to receive unencrypted satellite television and radio programming without paying for a subscription service.

By installing a suitable satellite dish and FTA receiver, a consumer is able to enjoy a large number of television channels.

– Does the OSD include the ability to rename, move, and delete channels?

Step 2 – View the output of the Satellite Look Angle Calculator once you have selected the desired satellite.

Additional quality FTA satellite receiver manufacturers include Ariza, Black Bird, Digiwave, Multi Star, Twinhan, and Ultra Star.

The initial setup of an FTA satellite dish can prove to be a bit challenging for the consumer who is new to free to air programming.

When setting up a FTA service, both C and K band dishes generally work for most consumers.

Most programming found today is transmitted n the 11.7 to 12.2 GHz Ku band using the DVB-S standard which allows smaller dishes such as those used with the popular Dish Network and Direc TV commercial services.

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