Updating rubygems leopard

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Oh and also you might try some things which break your local rubygems install.Like I did today after a failed attempt at updating to 0.9.5 using Hmm.. One more reason to update your Ruby Gems is that the 0.9.5 version just came out and Leopard comes with 0.9.4.Now, download the latest version of Ruby Gems from Ruby on Rails is a free, open source web application framework that allows you to build web applications more easily and quickly.Once I’d done that, it was a simple case of installing the passenger gem and running to install the module.The standard version of Mac Vim mostly works under 10.6, but there’s a custom-built binary that seems much more stable and a bit snappier.

You’ll also have to download and install the i Phone SDK separately if you need it (and possibly even if you don’t – I installed it anyway, just in case).

Here’s what I learned though about Ruby in Leopard: 1. It’s already up-to-date (at least as of this writing.) If you do a “gem update –system” on Leopard, you will be sorry.

Because you’ll suddenly break the careful packaging Apple has done with Ruby and reduce the 20 or so gems (not sure the exact count) available down to 0.

Although I mostly use Postgres, I reinstalled My SQL following the instructions on the Norbauer blog.

Apparently you can rebuild your ports by just running , but by the time I came across that I’d already trashed and reinstalled as recommended on the link above.

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