Updating root hint

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The linux16 directive specifies the kernel version number to be booted as well as kernel boot parameters.

A separate /boot partition was created; therefore, the path to the kernel (as well as to the initramfs image) are relative to /boot.

If I manually update all the root hints to IPV4 it works fine but then if DNS is restarted or server restarted will just default back to IPV6 again and bam stop working.

I have disabled IPV6 on the network adapter without any luck.

Each stanza begins with the menuentry keyword with options.The initrd16 directive must point to the location of the initramfs file corresponding to the same kernel version.In other words, the kernel as given on the linux16 /vmlinuz-[kernel_version] line must match the version number of the initramfs image given on the initrd16 /initramfs-[kernel_version]line of each stanza.are correct for applications that read from the system certificate store.For Chrome and Firefox, and probably some others, the certificate must be put in the nssdb, the backend for the Mozilla NSS library.

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