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I have, well had, a Powerbook G4 which was driving me nuts.Having been using Linux for a such a long time, I wasn’t quite able to adjust to how a Mac dealt with software – most of the stuff out there isn’t free.That was just one of the problems I had with a Mac. I’ve now ordered it, and it should be in my hands in about a week.

At same time, I always use Centos on my Linux Server. I still recommend using for further questions about the Acer Aspire One.If you need help on IRC, you can find me on the channel #linuxhjelp on the IRC-network DALnet (net). The AA1 will now access the files on the flash drive and initiate flashing the BIOS.The above are the direct links from official website of laptop Acer Aspire One KAV10 to download drivers Acer Aspire One KAV10 Windows 7.

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