Updating a session variable without postback

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I have a updatepanel which have 3 text box for the user to enter the value. I have a Page_Init in that i looking for the Http.and filling in like this the gridview is assigned with the objectdatasource so depending upon the user input the data is filtered and displayed from the database. It sounds like you want to pass the details of the row selected to the next page.

When the user enter the value in the gridview it's filter according to the user input and displayed. so when the user click edit in the gridview and come the page_init fill the data automatically, but the problem i am not filling all the field , so if this could be the problem then another text should remain the same but it's not.. Why don't you just create a class or structure to hold these details in Session so that you can access them on the next page.

The Product Index view will be displayed: Click on the ‘Post’ button which will enter in the debug-mode to the Http Post Index action method.

Consider a scenario where one controller has an action method which returns the action method for another controller.

Since Temp Data makes use of the Session State behavior, it must be on the controller using Temp Data.

By default it is always enabled, however using code, the session state can be disabled on the controller.

In MVC the following image explains the scenario: Here the question is how to implement this? Step 1: Download the free Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition (the article uses VS2013 Ultimate with Update 4) and create a new empty MVC application of the name Add some sample data in these tables. Step 4: In the Controllers folder, add a new Empty MVC controller of the name Product Controller and add the following code in it: The above code has Index action methods for Http Get and Http Post.

The Http Get Index method accepts the Temp Data[“Category”] object and type casts it to Category.

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