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Letting love unfold naturally isn’t about being passive and letting whatever is meant to be, happen.It’s actually about being active and takes self-awareness, self-reflection and a conscious approach.Tiles can only unfold if there is the correct sized and shaped space for them to do so.

In much of my love life, it was challenging for me to let things happen the way they were meant to.What kept showing up were nice men who weren’t able to fully express themselves, until I did the inner work to resolve these fears.I made assumptions Whenever the man I was dating or in a relationship with would say and do something that caused me to question and doubt things, I gave my own meaning to his words and actions by interpreting what I thought was going on.The decision to drop out of college to start your own company is not an easy one to make.Luke Heine, cofounder of Summer Playbook, has dropped out of college three times, and has advice for those mulling over the decision.

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