Tyra banks dating instincts

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“Oh my God, I did not know you were the head of Shooting Star”, she said as I sat down “Oh yeah, Damon Brill, nice to meet you”, I said coldly, looking at her “I did not make the connection”, she said almost apologetically, “I was shocked when they announced your name and you got off.I have been sitting next to the biggest agent in Hollywood all evening and I didn’t even know it” “Oh yeah, how unfortunate”, I said sarcastically “I’m sure it’s not too late to make up for that”, she said with an evil smile, as she placed her hands on my thighs, totally taking me by surprise.He had built such a fortune for himself, his Rocafella empire spreading to encompass fashion, movies, and wine production.

A few of those of course turned out to be false, but enough were true to make me insanely jealous.

Both to my relief and annoyance, Tyra seemed to totally ignore the fact that I was in the room, let alone next to her, she was totally in conversation with the person on the other side of her, while I talked idly with the man next to me, a former jazz singer or something.

Eventually, my name was announced, and amid a torrent of applause, I had to go onstage to give my speech.

He had even been the first ever rapper to be interviewed on “60 Minutes”.

Luckily, the event was starting, and still in a crappy mood, I entered the banquet hall alongside the other guests.

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