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The battery life will depend on what kind of batteries you use — lithium ion is the best choice for longevity. Consider how many two-way radios you need and select a pack size accordingly.

YI Home Camera doubles as baby monitor allowing parents to check on their baby anytime from their phone.

So, if you're using the same channel as someone else in range, you'll hear all their communications, too.

Using a privacy code adds an extra identifier to your communications, so your radio will filter out anyone who's not also using this code, even if they're using the same channel.

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FRS radios have a shorter range — up to a maximum of about six miles — whereas some GMRS radios can transmit over a range of up to 50 miles.

However, it's worth noting that you'll rarely ever achieve the maximum range, as conditions need to be perfect to do so.

IP codes, VOX support, VHF, UHF — what does it all mean?GMRS and GMRS/FRS radios have a longer range, but you'll need a license to use the GMRS channels.FRS radios have a shorter range, but anyone can use them. The channels available to you on your two-way radio are the same channels available to anyone else with a two-way radio.This is particularly handy when you're out camping or hiking somewhere remote, and need to be cautious of poor conditions. Two-way radios are sometimes sold singly, but usually come in pairs or larger packs. Yes, most two-way radios have a range of features useful in an emergency. Most two-way radios run on AA or AAA batteries, and will accept both disposable and rechargeable varieties. Some packs even contain 10 or more two-way radios, for use at work or by large groups.

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