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In the aftermath of the battle, Bella has suffered a broken leg, and ends up in the hospital, but her mother stops by to visit.

Upon returning to Forks, Edward accompanies Bella to the high school prom, where he refuses to grant her request that he would transform her into a vampire.

It is the first film in The Twilight Saga film series.

This film focuses on the development of the relationship between Bella Swan (a teenage girl) and Edward Cullen (a vampire), and the subsequent efforts of Edward and his family to keep Bella safe from a coven of evil vampires.

Twilight is a 2008 American romantic fantasy film based on Stephenie Meyer's novel of the same name.

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the film stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Bella sits next to Edward Cullen in biology class on her first day of school, but he seems to be repulsed by her.

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The pair fall in love, and Edward introduces Bella to his vampire family.After a ferocious battle, Edward subdues James just as the other members of the Cullen family arrive.Alice, Emmett, and Jasper kill James, decapitating and burning him, as Edward removes the venom from Bella's wrist, preventing her from turning into a vampire.Rosenberg developed an outline by the end of August, and collaborated with Hardwicke on writing the screenplay during the following month.Rosenberg said Hardwicke "was a great sounding board and had all sorts of brilliant ideas....

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