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"My son Nicholas says I need to put away at least 10 per cent of what I earn. Just before she turned 60, Marianne found a lump on her breast.

Pre- cancerous cells were discovered, and she underwent an emergency operation to remove them.

While Kylie needed intensive chemotherapy, Marianne was "lucky" to find that a lumpectomy was all that was required. "It really was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I haven't finished yet.'"News of her illness quickly spread. She was feeling particularly sorry for herself as she had just come round from surgery. It was 2am and this voice came on, 'Hello Marian, how are you? He told me that he'd phoned my agent to get the number.

Messages of support from her fans poured in, and from friends of old. So did Rolling Stone Keith Richards, fashion designer John Galliano and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. ' I'd know that voice anywhere, and he's the only one who ever called me Marian. I thought that was very sweet of him." Although they've met occasionally, this was the first time in 35 years the pair had spoken on the phone. I loved Mick very much, but it was better for both of us that we split up."I ask her about her big regrets in life, and she does have some whoppers, though Mick isn't one of them.

I'm so lucky, I know, but it kind of does mean having to rethink how I do things. I'm Marianne Faithfull."To most of us, being Marianne Faithfull means being an iconic figure, synonymous with the Sixties.

"The trouble with something like that is, you feel no joy either. I ask her what the happiest period of her life was and she bypasses the Sixties altogether.

"I think I'm in the happiest time of my life right now. In between there were happy times, of course, but there were a lot more ups and downs." It was at the end of her teens, of course, that life changed irrevocably. "I really wanted to go to drama school or university.

"I belong to the generation that thinks cancer means death, so I was petrified," she admits.

She was whisked into the world-famous Institut Gustave-Roussy, the private cancer clinic where Kylie Minogue was treated for the same disease.

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