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You can find discussion of artistic, social and philosophical aspects of Star Trek.Since 1992, Klingon Language Institute has promoted the study of Klingon linguistics and culture among fans with questions about the language, gamers wanting authenticity for a Klingon character and students and professionals in linguistics, psychology and IT, who see Klingon as a useful metaphor.Trek America offers something different to your average guided tour or package holiday.By taking part in adventure activities on our holidays, you’ll make new friends quickly as you experience unique travel moments together.

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A free Star Trek reference website that is written collaboratively by the readers.

Its goal is to become the largest, most reliable and most up-to-date encyclopedia about everything Trek.

To document the Art and Production History of Star Trek, this site presents articles on prop & costume authentication - focusing on TOS - and features pictorials to showcase Trek memorabilia in private & public collections, and presents rare Behind The Scenes TOS imagery.

A comprehensive source of news and information on Star Trek movie and TV soundtrack releases, including track listings, liner notes, recording information and review links.

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