Tree ring dating simulation worksheet

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Read the passage below and summarize it using 1 sentence (between 5 and 75 words).

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The Methuselah Tree has lived more than 4,600 years.

The tree rings on Methuselah and other trees result from the annual growth cycle.

In a year with ideal growing conditions, trees will produce a wider ring than in a year with poor conditions, and all the trees in the same region are likely to display the same general chronological growth pattern, despite any local ecological variations.

By plotting the relative thickness of these rings in a newly felled oak of say 200 years old, a clearly identifiable sequence of variations will emerge like a date stamp for each period.

They think about every breath they take and come up to the surface of the water to breathe through blowholes on top of their heads.It was discovered early in the 20th century that trees of the same species in the same region displayed remarkably similar ring patterns across the tree trunk and in the end grain of timber beams.Each year a tree gains another ring as it grows; the thickness of which depends on the amount of growth.Besides dating trees and revealing past climate data, dendrochronology is used to provide information about glacial activity, volcanic events, and even past insect outbreaks. Majestic Trees of America Timeline Trees Highlights some tree-related milestones from 2000 b.c., around when the oldest living tree was born, to 2001 a.d., the year America voted for a National Tree.You may want to tell students that scientists rarely cut down the trees they research. Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages Provides comprehensive information about dendrochronology and links to a wide range of dendrochronology resources.

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