Top ten sex chat sites

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The front page is regularly updated with current and popular information about torrents, torrenting, and categories of interest.The level of advertising you’ll encounter on this site is frustrating.We are presenting all of the crap sites with the intent to show all of the aspects of porn industry.There is a good chance that the porn industry will not accept scat porn as a true member of this business but scat porn doesn't care. They will crap all over those who are standing in their way of free expression and the freedon to crap whenever they want. These sites are monuments to this niche and they are proud of every pooplet they produce.

Focusing exclusively on movies, (or has an easy-to-use layout and a wide variety of titles both old and new.

If you're after older or more obscure torrents, 1337X might be for you.

Their torrent database isn't nearly as large as some others, but it might have just what you're after.

Links often require two bring up an ad (in a separate window) and one to actually access the information you want.

However, once you get passed the advertising, the search result pages contain lots of useful information.

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