Too intimidating to women

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It’s in the way you hold yourself and interact with those around you. At this point, he’s just trying to downgrade how awesome you are. It’s petty and stupid, but some guys think this makes them look better. Do you suddenly feel like the exchange has turned into an escalating tennis match?

As much as he might want to approach you, he’s put off by your confidence. His ego’s been hurt somehow and now he has to go lick his wounds. No matter what you say to the guy, he takes it as an insult. He’s intimidated and thinks you’re constantly judging him. If his ego’s that fragile, do you even want to deal with him to begin with? Snide comments about whatever you happen to say is a sure sign he’s feeling intimidated.

He’s intimidated and doesn’t want to look bad to you. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and hopes to have her first novel out soon.

Instead, he tries to learn more about you and find some common ground. How dare you look amazing, act confident and be successful?

I hope you learn something that will help you with your intimidating date issues. More often than not, people will feel intimidated you based off of your body language.

This is something that you are unconscious of most of the time.

It’s how you walk, talk, and hold yourself throughout the day.

While you may not be a cold person at all, you may still be giving off the type of vibe that says, “I’m not interested so don’t waste your time.” If you walk into a date with this type of cold vibe, you can all but guarantee that the person sitting across from you is going to feel as if you’re not interested.

Did you really need to know how many orgasms he gave his last hookup?

One of my core values is that I’m a ‘no bullshit’ guy. Off the top of my head these things would be: I’m sure there’s plenty more, but these things come to my head immediately. You’ll find me walking away and doing something else the second someone brings drama into my presence. It’s ridiculous because all they’re really saying is that they can’t be their usual dramatic self around me. In fact, I’ll send them home if they annoy me enough.

This means that I don’t waste my time with things that I consider to be B. Do you believe you’re intimidating to date because of people telling you that?

I’ve recently experienced the semi-new millennial dating phenomenon that’s leaving me with a blow to my fragile ego – ghosting.

It isn’t totally new, and it happens everyday to the baddest of bitches, but it still threw me way off guard.

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