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Here are some ways to help you talk with someone who has a stutter.

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A good friend of mine that I met through his brother had a very bad studder, one of the most compassionate people, he has a wife and a cute kid at 25, also check out the guy on Americas got talent that's a comedian with the studder I'm not in this situation but I'm curious.

There's this guy in one of my classes, and he stutters, to the point where he can't even complete one sentence without having to repeat what he's said several times.

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The only person uncomfortable is you and the people who feel like it isn't normal. The best thing people can do is try and see them as a person and human being instead of feeling embarrassed for them. Unlike what you said I have found that most people have been kind and welcoming to him.I cringe inside not because I feel embarrassed that he stutters, it's more like I feel bad at how others look at him and seem slightly miffed when he does stutter.Once again I'm sorry if I've offended you or your son. I'm a relatively low on patience in general, and a "get to the point" type of person.A mild stutter is not a big deal to me, but a moderate to severe one would be problematic.Your son sounds like he's had wonderful experiences and like his stutter has not detoured him from achieving what he wants in life. Despite my limitations with involving myself romantically with someone that stutters I would never mistreat someone that stutters.

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