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Under the widespread doctrine of joint and several liability, if more than one defendant is responsible for a plaintiff’s injury, any one of them may be held liable for the full amount of the damage award.This means that a lawyer will often concentrate on the person with the highest net worth, instead of the one most at fault.“CANADA,” she captioned the video, letting the world know she was many thousands of miles away from her Beverly Hills home.TMZ reports that the very same day, someone broke into Duff’s house, making off with jewellery and valuables to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars.These are just a few example of the dangers of posting personal information on one of many social media platforms.3.Closely monitor the personal information data brokers post online (typically without your knowledge or consent).I found her Instagram, her friends’ accounts, and even her sister’s account to see what her upbringing was like.”Daniel Hall, director of global judgment enforcement at Burford Capital, said their targets in such cases tended to be people “of a slightly older vintage” who were not prodigious users of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but whose children, employees and associates often were.

Then, we discovered something even odder: Many people who have a great deal of wealth do not even live in upscale neighborhoods.”The wealthiest households in America do not act like they are wealthy (or at least most people’s perceptions of being wealthy).These companies encroach on the privacy of millions by harvesting and monetizing personal data without consumer knowledge or consent.Worse still, many fail to securely store this sensitive information, inevitably leading to data breaches like Equifax that put millions at risk of identity theft, stalking, fraud and other dangers for years to come.An example would be a premium food delivery service company.Assuming the company is honest and trustworthy (which is hard to say, given that it only takes a single dishonest or lazy employee to cause a data breach) and does not sell your data (which many do), there is always the chance of an inadvertent data breach.

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