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S3 still has a long cooldown, however, and she still won’t be going before a lot of priority threats. (Thank you /u/sadlifestrife for picking this up; I'd forgotten to add it to the changelog bit.) Basar’s overall utility has greatly increased.

While his ratios are still horrid (.9 on S2 AND S3), he is now a slightly slower Earth version of Dizzy, combining the potent package of Blind and Attack Down on his S3.

Luluca got a nice 5 speed bonus, making it easier to gear her, since she sometimes runs an ATK set instead of the default Speed set.

It especially helps her to do her job in Wyvern better, given the Wyvern’s high Speed and capability of lapping slower Heroes.

With her high speed, she becomes a decent option for removing Azimanak Hunt’s Berserk buff.

In addition, she is now even better at deleting Golem, with her ability to both remove his buffs and keep him in Unhealable status.

In addition, he inflicts a random debuff at 100% on his S1 (think Sira-Ren, but amazing!

The 50% CR gain and damage increase allows her to do more damage and reduces her downtime significantly.She can help you to almost ignore his adds and her auto AI will focus him anyways, so this is a great buff for her.Silver Blade Aramintha - S1 lost 10% CR gain on burning an enemy (30% to 20%).) Lidica got Qo L buffs that affect her ability to freely use her S2.While she was already a fairly strong Hero to begin with, the added utility makes her better, especially in Hunts.

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