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The donkey punch originated in the late twentieth century sometime after the sexual revolution, when the empowerment of women was threatening the place of men in contemporary society.

This shift in gender paradigms left men feeling threatened, and to reassert their authority, they created and popularized these theoretical and violent euphemisms. The secondary reward of the donkey punch is the creation, or reinforcement, of the ideal power structure, or solidifying existing gender roles.

We lay the intersection of sex and religion (and occasionally ourselves) bare, openly and honestly. I ask each guest to share advice about sexual intimacy as well!

Listen in to find out how long-time wives have kept the fun, peace and passion alive! Join author, poet, and recipient of two penises in her butt (at the same time) Asa Akira as she is joined by both her porno and non-porno friends. Get LAID with @Oloni, @Scotty Unfamous and @Shani Jamilah who discuss sex and relationships.

The winner is the first person to be kicked out of the game by the asker.

The topics (which used to be about dating) have now shifted to scatalogical and necrophilia humor.

He did what they told him to do and posted screenshots of the results, resulting in everyone in the thread effectively playing the game together (hence, "Let's Play").

The concept was a huge hit and immediately spawned many similar threads, so many that the Let's Play subforum was created for them.

Cantwell asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to take down the emails that were on its website due to the content.

The term received extensive coverage online after it was mistakenly given as a response on the January 16, 2012 broadcast of the American game show Jeopardy! The prompt was "A blow to the back of the neck is the punch named for this animal"; the correct response was rabbit punch, a dangerous boxing move.

The first contestant responded with "What is a donkey?

Something Awful charges to register an account, and is actively moderated, a form of curation that largely ensures that content remains fresh and useful, and ensuring that a lot of the drama found on other forums and sites stays out.

The Let's Play concept originated from a thread on Something Awful called "Let's Play Oregon Trail." The original poster posted screenshots of the classic game and asked for input from people replying to the thread about what to do in the game.

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