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And, now that I just wrote that, it reminds me very strongly of a question I've been working on with a sponsee recently: What is the difference between living our lives in such a way as to maximize our chances of avoiding the things we fear and living our lives in such a way as to maximize our chances of attaining the things we say we most desire?freya There almost always is a discrepancey in.....timing for a gay man, because there are no sanctions and approvals for his exploring his sexuality when everyone else is, during chronological adolescence.But, instead of any of that, I got a better, both personally and professionally, relationship with my client.I can't, of course, say or expect that things always go that well, but, in my experience they go better than I might be able to predict much more often than not, and, if I were to choose not to be real with people, I would be denying both myself and others even the chance of having things go that well.Last night I thought of something that happened a couple of years ago with work that kind of sheds a different light on what I was saying yesterday.

Throughout my life I have repeatedly been the minority and, very often, the obstensibly "less-than" minority: the only child among adults, the only white among blacks, the only white among Asians, the only woman among men, the only part-timer among full-timers, the only homemaker among professional women, the only contract worker on a committee comprised otherwise of all management, the only student on a committee comprised entirely of faculty and administrators, the only lesbian among straights, the only queer among assimilationist gays and lesbians, etc.......

So, we start chatting and, of course, I introduce him to my partner automatically because that's just what I do.

But I would be lying if it I said that it didn't occur to me that doing so might very well be about to cost me several thousand dollars -- not that I wished I had done differently, but just that I recognized the possibility and felt some concern/sadness about it.

Wherever we are in the process of getting to know our sexual natures, we may have feelings or experiences that seem incongruous with our mature selves.

We needn't expect ourselves to know everything today.

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