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Well, I have never tried Skype, since no girl would JUST accept talking to any stranger. Contact friends of friends and girls living in your city, type random (yet common) girls name in search bar along with your city name. After sending random friend requests, and going behind "People you might know"..

Out of 20 requests sent, 3 accepted my request, and only 1 Random girl still talks to me.

She quickly responded, “hey :)” “I was amazed she was interested in me,” he said.

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The other weakness is when they are married, for example. Users can protect themselves against sextortionists like the one that targeted Samir by following some best practices for social networking sites.(Not his real name, either.) Fraudsters like Omar lurk on Facebook in search of victims.When they find a target, they connect with them via video call on Skype or Facebook.For instance, users should never post too much information about themselves on Twitter or Facebook, as fraudsters could abuse that information to steal their identity.They should also be careful about whom they connect with on social media.

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