Single dinner dating

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If the weather is good, buy a bottle of young Pinot Noir or Beaujolais and put it in the fridge to chill — this may seem like a red wine no-no, but the cold temperature will make the tart red fruit flavors more pronounced, more refreshing and ultimately more interesting.

When it comes to juicy red meat and rich Italian and Spanish food, grabbing an aged wine with lots of tannins will pair perfectly — think Rioja or Barolo.

Spanish: The home of flamenco dancing, fiestas and amazing tapas.Most white wine in supermarkets or off-licenses is dry, which is a fantastic place to start for most cuisine.Picking incredibly dry whites with acidity will cut through creamy dishes like risotto or stand up to strong cheeses — think Sauvignon Blanc or bone-dry German Riesling for something a little different.A list of dinner ideas for two would not be complete without including the incredible variety and flavors of Spanish tapas.Slices of Jamón Ibérico and chorizo served alongside Spanish tortilla and croquetas showcase an impressive level of skill in the kitchen and is the perfect food when it comes to sharing.

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