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But Between focuses on “moments,” and serves as a sort of collaborative scrapbook.If Between is like a Facebook that couples share in private, You&Me is a Snapchat that never disappears.But when it comes to truly figuring out if you vibe with someone, things can get tricky.It makes sense that you'd want to send a confusing text straight to the group chat – you instantly have all of the receipts and none of the "well, you had to be there" nuances. Theresa Di Donato, Associate Professor of Psychology at Loyola University explains: When you screenshot a text, “you have the ability to replicate the conversation [you] just had, so your friends can see exactly, word for word, the chat that just took place between you and your partner.”At first, this seems foolproof.So You&Me lets you send images that are “fogged up,” with “steam” to be wiped away to reveal the image.A bit cheesy, perhaps, but rather brilliant: Private photos can remain in the stream of conversation permanently, with no worry that they’ll be revealed accidentally as you scroll through the messages in public.All of this is presented beautifully, and can be packaged into “scrapbooks” for later enjoyment.Plus, unlike a lot of messaging platforms, the messages are presented in a continuous stream, so you never have to pause and hit a “load more” button while enjoying some romantic nostalgia.

No one wants a for-your-eyes-only shot opened on a crowded subway car.

The one standout feature, where couples are concerned, is the “secret” function.

One way to send, shall we say private photos back and forth is to use ephemeral apps, like Snapchat.

But there’s one problem: “Text messaging is a really parsed-down method of communication that lacks subtlety,” says Di Donato.

“There are lots of ambiguous things said via text message because there’s no non-verbal behavior accompanying those texts.” Looking at "k, see you later" can make it hard to detect if the person is actually enthusiastic to see you later, or passive-aggressively omitting exclamation points because they're annoyed that you said all craft beer tastes like expensive soap.

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