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As recorded by Roland Jordan of Maine, who is doing a book on Rev.The King then dubbed him as Sir Jordan in honor of his herioc deed.

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Phippen was also Master of the Truro Grammar School fromto His beautifully clear, neat handwriting is seen to advantage in the Truro parish registers and also in a manuscript sermon, which is preserved in the Cathedral Library this was preached at the As size sat Launceston on Wanting to get hitchedtired of being alone March, ; in it he described himself as" Minister of God' s Worde at Truroe. He seems, however, to have intended his bonesto rest in Truro, for in he constructed a vault under the altar of St.

Then Sir Jordan appealed to the King for permission to change his surname to Jordan and the name of the Hamlet where he lived.

Also, this is recorded Monticello SC sex dating the Dartmoor Historical Society. Thomas was elected to the House of Burgesses in Isle of Wight He was the first i n his family to settle in Isle of Wight, Virginia.

One large frame, containing the Genealogy of the Phippen family. War whereby the circular caption and other Text horny married Rio Rancho.

What became of the defaced copy, or of the original all efforts thus far h a v e fai led to discover.

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