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Drawing only with Francis Mcchner of Columbia, the champion topped a strong field of forty players, representing nineteen colleges. Eliot Hearst of Columbia finished second with a 5%-l% score. Fine calls this a rare ex¬ ception to the rule that a draw is (he result when a Bishop opposes a Bishop and Pawn, the Bishops being, or different, colored squares, and gives the following winning continuation:- 1. P-R4 is taken from what J (torn to he the most useful collection of endings in the English language. In Field Of Forty Collegiate Players Pittsburgh Champion Finishes First WANDERLUST HITS LOG CABIN AGAIN By a score of 6Paul Luther Dietz, Pittsburgh City and Penn¬ sylvania Junior Champion, won the U. Intercollegiate Individual title and custody of the H.

The last round saw five players with a chance for the title; but while Magee bested Belzer, Lud¬ wig lost to Ackerman in an inter¬ esting Gruenfeld; and the race was over.

But while this confusion of foreign names remains a chaos beyond order, we trust that those Europeans who settle in these United States or Canada, will lend a hand in naturalizing their names into one stand¬ ard form.

Rasim.-sen (Canada), who was the winner' 5n CHESS LIFE’S Problem Tourney. We write Botvinnik, whereas some others prefer Botwinnik; and we trust 'the reader is not confused thereby.

In '^he section for pawn-free Mereditlk Special Prize went to K. All prize winning problems will be published in the January, 1950 issue of the American Chess Prob¬ lemist, which can be ordered from the Secretary R. Gam- age; for three-movers, judge is the Problem Editor of the Ameri¬ can Chess Bulletin, E. There is no set rule for the transliteration of names from the Cyril¬ lic alphabet to the English, and so all Slavic names are dedicated to confusion when naturalized into English. Buschke, in obedience to his Germanic training writes Bogoliubov, whereas to us the name looks neater as Bogoljuboff—it is a matter of personal taste and educational background.

Eaton; and Commendations by Becker, ITass- hprg, De Blasio, Tump and Oppen- h&^ier. Major, editor of CHESS LIFE (this is his first *suc. cess in a problem composing tour¬ ney since his first problem com¬ position was published in Problems of Chess Life in June, 1949). (Single copies 25c each; annual membership and subscription ; patron membership .) TWe American Chess Problemist announces the following informal tourneys for the first half of 1950: For two-movers, judge is F. Thus the family of the great Elizabethan drama¬ tist wrote their name grandly as Shakespeare when they felt proud or curtly as Shaxpur when in a hurry, with some thirty other arrangements of the letters to fit their varying moods.

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