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For example the City Arms in Victoria Street, Rochester, was famous for its drag nights and associated queens.The idea was to lock away the women to protect the servicemen from disease. Many of the women hawked their trade in pubs, so police retaliated by trying to have pub licences revoked. So the vice continued — and it stayed until sailors left with the dockyard.In 1864 Superintendent Radley of the city police tried to shut down seven pubs: the Lord Nelson in Chatham High Street, the Bear and Staff in Chatham Intra (the place where Rochester and Chatham merge); the Five Bells on St Margaret’s Banks; the Flushing in Horsewash Lane and the Homeward Bound near Gas House Lane (both towards Rochester Bridge); the Duke of Gloucester in Strood and the Maidstone Arms in Crow Lane, Rochester. (It still exists — as anyone who has spotted the whey-faced Eastern European girls gathered on one main thoroughfare will bear witness.) In the 1960s and early 1970s the towns were still thriving as was the oldest profession.This must have been after the Grant-Smart family ran it.The Ship was always well-known — now, in these more enlightened times, it is listed in a gay pub directory.

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