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But I think what I hadn’t really shared publicly before is that I had a bunch of tragedies in my personal life almost simultaneously.

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” That’s when she got the idea to bring a sex robot version of herself out on stage. ” Cummings asks me, tentatively, before explaining how much it creeps out her fiancé.

Sex robots are a man’s world, as demonstrated by Abyss Creations, maker of the life-size Real Doll sex toy (above).

In April, the firm introduced its Harmony AI platform, which lets users create the 3D woman of their dreams by adjusting body shape and size, skin color, and other physical details.“Humans can easily be deceived into attributing mental states and behavior to robots because of our natural tendency to project human characteristics onto appropriately configured inanimate objects,” the Foundation said.“If static sex dolls can be hired out successfully, then sexbots with moving components seem certain to be even more successful,” artificial intelligence researcher David Levy wrote in 2007.

And I’m like, who is the poor bastard who has to deal with all this shit?

And I found out it was something called the ombudsman’s office.

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