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And by now, it’s probably no surprise that a Setter lives and breathes for the chance to take an argument value and use it to Until this most important moment, we’ve been committing one of the worst OO faux pas (and we’re not talking minor violation like showing up without the ‘B’ in BYOB). Most instance variable values are coded with certain assumptions about the boundaries of the values. If you have an instance variable that doesn’t have a boundary, doesn’t that setter method create unnecessary overhead? Imagine if half the people in your company used your class with public instance variables, and one day you suddenly realized, “Oops– there’s something I didn’t plan for with that value, I’m going to have to switch to a setter method.” You break everyone’s code.Like, think of all the things that would break if negative numbers were allowed. The cool thing about encapsulation is that You don’t have to initialize instance variables, because they always have a default value.Fill in the blanks next to the sentence with the names of one or more attendees.t that you’d see if the blocks were inserted.Not all the lines of output will be used, and some of the lines of output might be used more than once.

Buchanan ordered Jai into his boss’s office, but Jai’d done nothing wrong, (lately), so he figured a little chat with Buchanan’s boss Leveler couldn’t be too bad.So parameters are ALWAYS initialized, because the compiler guarantees that methods are always called with arguments that match the parameters declared for the method, and the arguments are assigned (automatically) to the parameters. Remember, the == operator cares only about the pattern of bits in the variable.The rules are the same whether the variable is a reference or primitive.“Yeah, yeah”, laughed Leveler, “I’m sure you’re clean on this one, but I’ll be losing big margins until this new jack-hacker is shut out! “Trouble is, some stim-junkie’s stayed straight long enough to figure out how to hack into my Ware Housing database.” “I need a quick thinker like yourself Jai, to take a look at my Stim Drop J37NE class; methods, instance variables, the whole enchilada, and figure out how they’re getting in. ”, exclaimed Buchanan, “I don’t want no scum hacker like Jai nosin’ around my code!” “Well, best of luck Leveler, maybe you could just drop me here and I’ll go move a few more ‘units’ for you before I wrap up today”, said Jai.“I’m afraid it’s not that easy Jai, Buchanan here tells me that word is you’re current on J37NE”, insinuated Leveler. ” “Easy big guy”, Jai saw his chance, “I’m sure you did a top rate job with your access modi... ”, shouted Buchanan, “I left all of those junkie level methods public, so they could access the drop site data, but I marked all the critical Ware Housing methods private.

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