Sean hemeon dating

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It's about Cheeks (Brad Bell) and Brady (Sean Hemeon) who accidently got married while drunk after just six weeks of dating.

But they love eachother so they decide to give it a go anyway.

And he is so used to control and composure and he can handle anything but this… I mean, he only came out a year ago.” [laughs]Cheeks gave us a look at “Cheeks” and his relationship to Brady.

Cheeks said, “When the story begins, they’ve dated for a few weeks, but find themselves accidentally married after a drunken weekend in Vegas.

Brady insists they must stay together and become the poster couple for gay marriage: the cause.

So it’s kind of a fight for, okay, I’m going to try to like Brady, but in the end, he stole my best friend, so fuck you.” [laughs] wasn’t exactly a light-hearted comedy.

Torresani said, “It’s funny, I feel I’m personally better at comedy, but I always do these heavy, dramatic, sappy-ass, hardcore roles. And I just kind of wanted to do something light and silly, which is more my personality.”So where does the story start?

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