Schizophrenia and online dating

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But the person you’re seeing may have wrong ideas about what it is.For example, they may think you have multiple personalities or that you frequently hallucinate.“Once the person has gotten to know you a little, it may be easier for them to see that you don’t fit the stereotype of someone with schizophrenia,” Wininger says.When you’re ready, let them know you’d like to discuss something personal.You may not speak as much as other people do, which can make it tough to communicate. You may want to choose low-key activities, like a meetup for coffee or a walk together, for your early dates.

Though many people with schizophrenia do get worse, others do improve and can have successful relationships.

You might say something like, “I want to share something important with you.

It’s tough to talk about, and I hope you’ll hear me out.” Dimitriu says to stay honest and emphasize the positive.

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