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(Also, not great, as pointed out by another Tech Crunch writer: The implicit assumption that all dating is between women and men.) For what it’s worth, Kay told me the stereotypes are backed up by her site’s numbers — in New York, there are 1.82 as many female users as male, while in San Francisco, there are 1.42 as many male users as female.(Anyway, I’m a guy who recently moved from SF, where I was single, to New York, where I’m still single, so maybe no one should listen to my opinion about these things.) (And yes, Tech Crunch is certainly familiar with taking tongue-in-cheek ideas and turning them into Crowdtilt campaigns.) The company is looking to raise at least ,000 (with a target of ,000), and if that happens, it says it will fly women from New York to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend.It is so small in size and there are so many activities to get involved with that many of my friends have met someone and are now in relationships.I would say it really comes down to whether or not you are looking to date someone or not.There will be “carefully selected, matchmaker-curated dates between NYC women and SF men” as well as a larger gathering.

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And Tang, seeing some numbers, couldn't help himself. Incidentally, he also went at it with a) completely heteronormative assumptions, and b) the basic idea in mind that dating, like the rest of life, is to to be hacked, modeled, or solved.And you know what they say – make a joke 12 times and it becomes a Crowdtilt. CEO Lauren Kay said this is something she’s been joking about for a while, but “my sarcasm tends to get lost on the lovely people of San Francisco.” And as others at YC became excited about the idea, she decided to take it from joke to reality.At first, I rolled my eyes at how this seems to reinforce the way that both cities, particularly San Francisco, have been caricatured.Isolated from women, in part by choice, do men sit around and talk like this to each other? I can't claim to know, but I do know the kind of person who assigns numbers or ratings to women.

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