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Actually one person asked us, “Do foreigners have really poor eyesight? And while Japan has changed us in many ways, this is a habit that we don't wish to break.This might seem like a bizarre point to put on a list of “surprising” things for visitors in Japan.So channel your “inside” voice or grab a good book and generally shhhh.I will never forget the Japanese intern we had at my company in Australia (pre our blogging life) who brought this cultural difference so vividly to my attention.So order your morning coffee with a double shot of endurance and patience and be prepared to get so close to others you'll know what their coffee order was as well.

“Well, he was walking down the street…in a business suit…EATING a banana!

Most first-time visitors have this image of what Japan is like in their minds and they generally surmise that since Japan is at the cutting edge of many of the latest technologies that electronic payment is an everyday occurrence. While credit cards can be used at some places like big hotels and major department stores, Japan is still very much a cash society.

Don't expect to be able to use your card in most places. Not an option, even when you have a Japanese bank account.

It was summer the first time we came to Japan and on our first outing in the streets of Narita, our sunglasses naturally came with us. While I think this is changing somewhat, and can also depend on occupation/hobbies and age (more and more younger people are wearing them as fashion accessories), on the whole, most Japanese people don't wear sunglasses.

The fact that all the Japanese people around us were not wearing them, despite being an intensely sunny day, was so apparent that one Aussie girl we passed by (of course also wearing sunglasses) actually stopped to point it out. When I've asked Japanese people about why this is the case, they have cited reasons such as it being embarrassing and that it draws attention to yourself, like you are trying to be a rapper in a music video.

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